Point It Out!

FullSizeRenderJust like my puppy, I find myself exhausted by all that life throws at me. From school, to work, to even my relationships, I feel like I’m juggling way too much. In the end, I find you always have to do something at the expense of something else. In economics terms, that is the opportunity cost. For example, the opportunity cost of me studying is going out with my friends on Friday nights. Unfortunately, I seem to do everything at the expense of my health. Staying up late to finish an assignment, or grabbing junk food because it’s more convenient than taking a break to make a meal. I’ve decided that “When Life Hits ME,” I’m going to be prepared. I don’t have to wait until New Years to make a resolution. I am making one right now. Here’s my plan:

I’ve decided to do a points system to lose weight. I’m calling it Point It Out. Playing a game as I try to be healthier will help me SO MUCH! I get bored of diets and working out, so if I reward myself every so often, I know I’ll keep motivated.

Here is my point system:IMG_3515

As a college freshman, I hear the Freshman 15 (gaining 15 lbs your freshman year of college) is totally real. And since I’m staying home for my first year, I’m going to defy the odds. If I can manage to maintain my current weight, I will earn 10 points. If I gain weight, I will lose 10 points. Easy enough, right? This is almost freebie points.

For every workout I do, whether it’s Pilates (which I follow Blogilates) or walking my dog downtown to go Pokemon Hunting (check out my YouTube channel on July 27th to see some of my adventures), I will earn 2 points for each workout. I plan to workout 3 times a week, but who knows if I am motivated to do more!

Now, the main way I’m going to lose weight is by recording what I eat. Using MyFitnessPal, I’m going to count calories and try to stay within my calorie count. Because I am 5’3″ and around 200 pounds, my calorie goal per day is 1,200. Every week, I’ll give you guys an update on my highs and lows, and hopefully my weight lose journey can inspire some of you to do it with me! For every day that I record my meals, I will gain 3 points. Let me know if I should include half credit or not!

REMEMBER: I’m not losing weight because I think I’m fat or because someone told me to. I’m losing weight because I want to be healthy. Being healthy isn’t starving yourself or binge eating. Being healthy is still eating, but choosing healthier foods to eat.

Another thing I am working towards is staying hydrated. For every day that I reach my goal of 8 cups a day, I  will get a bonus point! I am super excited to see any effects it has on my skin.

Another large long-term goal is to fit into the prom dress I bought sophomore year in high school. If I can fit that dress, I will receive 20 points. 

A weight loss journey isn’t only the weight loss. It is also your outlook. Every day, I’m going to write down my goals and something I am thankful for. I will gain 2 points a day for these reflections.

If I follow Point It Out, I should be able to gain 48 points a week. That’s 2 points shy of 50! In my next update, I’ll let you all know of the rewards system of Point It Out.

The long-term goals will expire on this day in 2017. I am so excited for a year of a weight loss journey! If anyone wants to join me, make sure you go on MyFitnessPal and lookup Elliemoes. I will be looking forward to seeing you all!


EllieMoes – Takeoff!!

Hello all! I have officially graduated high school, and with that, I have also started college. This blog is going to be my way of updating you about my YouTube channel, in addition on project updates and any charities I am able to do things for. This is my first blog, my first channel, and I am so excited to learn and grow through this. If you have any tips, make sure to email me at! I can’t wait to have a wonderful journey with you guys!